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Dedicated to improving results and reaching new levels of performance for individuals and organizations.

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Tailored programs to enhance leadership skills and management capabilities.

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Effective strategies and techniques to boost sales performance.

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Guidance in crafting a roadmap for long-term success and prosperity.

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About LSA

Leonard Strategic Advantage (LSA) assists individuals and organizations to improve results and reach new levels of performance. Our results-focused approach positively impacts the individual and the entire organization.

Every business has its distinct history, unique leadership, employee issues, customer focus, and challenging obstacles. We guide our clients through the process of looking at where they are versus where they want to be, and together formulate a plan to move forward. Leonard Strategic Advantage assists clients to define their unique vision and goals to achieve success. We help businesses and individuals achieve improved results through Strategic Business Planning, Organizational Development, and Coaching. We are dedicated to “working with” businesses and individuals to achieve positive results.

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